Monday, February 7, 2011

Wakulat|Law Sheds Light on Solar Accesss on CBC Ottawa

After an Ottawa man found his passive solar heating home in danger of being put in the dark by a neighbouring condo development, CBC Ottawa Morning decided to do a little digging and learn about whether there is a "right to light" in Ontario.  Rob joined host Kathleen Petty on the February 7, 2011 show to discuss the current state of the law, steps solar investors should take before making a solar investment and what level of government should be addressing the issue.

Past episodes of the show can be heard here:

For more information on solar access legislation and bylaws currently being used in the United States, Open Energy Info offers a database of laws and guidelines. 

The Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan authored a 2007 paper looking at the issue and potential solutions for the province to ensure solar investments would be protected.
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